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Undervault is a role-playing game with random levels and perma-death. Game level contains rooms of different types (kitchen, bedroom, treasury etc.). Some rooms are unknown and can be revealed with luck, or by using a room card.

Pass through monsters, learn skills, get equipment and trade. Fight with hunger and fatigue. And most importantly plan dungeon carefully to succeed!

Game features:

  • High difficulty (you will die a lot), but every playthrough is different
  • Turn-based battle system with aiming, items, skills, character statuses and enemy AI
  • Skills tree with ability to focus on different play styles (fighting, stealth, room generation)
  • Mining. Dig new rooms or connections between existing rooms
  • Trading. Each trader in the game has its unique list of items and prices
  • Daily challenge. Compete with other players for the best score
  • Character leveling system. Improve certain characteristics on each level
  • Different room connection types - door, ladder, hole (move only downward), locked door (pull lever to unlock)
  • Backpack system. You can take only limited amount of items to the next dungeon level


What is the current state of the game?

In active development. Preparing for Steam release.

What do I get for my purchase?

Access to the full game and all upcoming updates. Also, you will get a Steam key after the game is released on Steam.


Planned. If you want to help translate the game to your language please contact me.

How can I contact developer?

Email - bxaxvx@gmail.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/theundervault


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Undervault (windows) 31 MB
Version 1.2.2
Undervault (linux) 33 MB
Version 1.2.2
Undervault (mac) 35 MB
Version 1.2.2
Game prototype & Design document 45 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more

Also available on

Download demo

Undervault (demo) 31 MB
Version 1.2.2

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Would love to try this game, but the demo seems broken. The only option on the main menu that seems to work is "Exit." Running Win10.

Just checked the demo and it's working on my machine (Win10). Can you provide any additional details?

I did some trial and error unzipping it a few times and found the issue. My anti-virus software (Norton) was for some reason quarantining "assembly-csharp-firstpass.dll" and after I went through and restored it, the game is now working. Sorry about that!

No prob. Glad you found the solution.